Maruti Mineral Industries

AAC Block Grade Gypsum Powder

Long shelf life, accurate composition and premium quality are some of the attributes of our AAC Block Grade Gypsum Powder. Our company has cemented its presence among the nonpareil Manufacturers and Suppliers of AAC Block Grade Gypsum Powder from Rajasthan, India. In order to meet bulk and urgent requirements of buyers, we maintain a large stock of AAC Block Grade Gypsum Powder at our state-of-the-art warehouses.

  • Gypsum Fly Ash Blocks
  • Fertilizer and soil conditioner
  • A Tofu (Soy bean curd)
  • Adding hardness to water used for brewing
  • Used in baking as a dough conditioner
  • A component of Portland cement
  • Soil/Water potentials monitoring (soil moisture)
  • A common ingredients in making mead
  • Used in mushroom cultivation.
  • Used in Medicines and Food Products.